Paint Protection

With HTX Customs

HTX Customs knows that while you can't always control what conditions and debris are near your car, you can control how protected your car is against scrapes and abrasions. From preventative measures like Paint Protection Film to paint correction services, our company takes great steps to ensure that no matter what, your car is always looking good.

We are certified 3M PPF installers and offer our clients different packages of paint protection films available at a range of price points and able to fit a variety of needs. One of the most popular brands we provide for our clients is STEK-USA's Fashion Films: protective paint protection films with an aesthetic edge, including options for carbon fiber and prismatic finishes.

For those customers who want to remove minor imperfections and marks from their vehicle, our paint correction services are some of the most technologically-advanced and efficient in the city. From restoring rough, sandpaper-like paint textures to restoring areas with fine scratches, etchings, and more. We don't use fillers to hide the surface, but rather do thorough testing on your paint thickness and the materials that make up your car's paint, so that we always use the correct products for your specific car. We also test our products on sections of your car before working on the full car so as to provide the best results possible.

Whether you're protecting your car from damage or fixing your car up, HTX Customs has you and your car covered. Please don't hesitate to call HTX Customs today and to learn more about our various packages and services.

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Vehicle Wraps, Houston, TX 77090
Vehicle Wraps, Houston, TX 77090
Vehicle Wraps, Houston, TX 77090